How to Enter

2019年07月05日 8

Registration Method

a) Participants need to log on or follow WeChat public number “tnf_ot” to get registration link to register.

b) 70km provides 1500 entries, 35km provides 1500 entries, and 5km provides 500 entries.

c) The registration will open on July 10th and the payment will open on July 11th with “First come first served” rule. When all quoats were used, waiting-list will open.


Registration Process

1. Log on or follow WeChat public number “tnf_ot” to get registration link, then fill in registration information;

2. Participant should fill in his/her name of English format correctly according to the prompt. The organizing committee will submit the results according to the format filled in by the participant after the race, so as to associate the ITRA account;

3. Wait qualification verification result;

4. Qualification Confirmation: After qualification verification, participants will receive a confirm letter of registration qualification via e-mail or message;

5. Payment: After the payment opening, participants who have passed qualification verification can pay to confirm their qualification.

6. There is no qualification verification for 5km participants. Payment is available as soon as the registration is finished.

Quit / Waiting List 

1. After the registration is full, participants who want to take part in the race can still register. If the participants have met the requirements, they will enter the waiting list after payment. Before registration and payment, the system will inform the participants whether they are applying for a formal qualification or a place of waiting list.

2. Before October 31st 24:00, the participant who have already get the race qualification can choose to quit, then a participant in waiting list will take the qualification.

3. The number of participants in the waiting list will be published in real-time, and the sequence number of participants in the waiting list is available through registration enquiry.

4. Participants in the waiting list can apply to leave the list but cannot re-apply to enter the waiting list of the same group.

5. The deadline of registration and quit-registration is October 31st 24:00. After that the organizing committee will not accept participants' quit applications. Participants in the waiting list who do not get qualification at last will have their registration fee back after the deadline of registration.

Participants with race qualifications who apply to quit can get 80% registration fee back before October 18th 24:00; get 50% registration fee back before October 31st 24:00. After October 31st 24:00, refund application will be unacceptable. Participants in the waiting list who do not get qualification can get full registration fee back anytime.