Race Kits Collection 领物须知

2019年12月03日 4

The time of collection

10.00~20.00, March 19th, 2020

10.00~20.00, March 20th, 2020

9.00~21.00, March 21st, 2020

 (No kits collection on race day morning. Please make proper schedule.)

The collection place

Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center


The collection process


Vouchers for collection

1. The participants from mainland China must bring along with them the originals of the resident ID cards within their valid period;

2. Participants from Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China) shall bring with them the originals of the permits for residents of Hong Kong and Macao to travel to and from the mainland;

3. Participants from Taiwan (China) must bring along with them the originals of the permits for Taiwan residents to travel to and from the mainland

4. participants who are not of Chinese nationality must bring along with them the originals of their passports;

5. With regard to minors without ID cards, their guardians or legal representatives must bring along with them the originals of their guardian certificates and the originals of their household registers, and go through the formalities for receipt of articles together with the participants themselves.

With regard to those who do not have the above-mentioned certificates will be prohibited from collecting race kits.


Race kits

Marathon & Half Marathon

Mini Marathon

Number bib

A big one & a small one

A big one

Chips(Pasted on the back of the big number bib)

2 pieces


Number bib folder



Event wristband



Event Tee



Depositing Bag



Official Manual(Digital & Paper)



Name Badge



Disposable raincoat



Left hand glove




Important items note

As important vouchers for the participants to participate in the race and receive the finish items. Wristbands must be put by the site staff on the participants on the site of collection. The participants shall not take off, damage or transfer the wristbands on their own; otherwise the Organizing Committee shall have the right to deny the participants’ access to the “starting area”, and shall have the right to refuse to distribute finish items to the participants whose wristbands bear any obvious damage sign.


Warm tipps

1. The applicants who cannot participate in the race at last for some reasons can apply for the mailing service of the kits of race other than the number bib, chips and wristband after the race via the official website of the race, and shall pay for the mailing on their own. Please pay attention to the Public Notice on the official website after the race for the detailed mode of application.

2. With regard to minors (less than 18 years old) who sign up for the race, their custodians or legal representatives must sign entry notes and underage insurance notification for the Race on the site before the participants can collect race kits and participate in the race. With regard to minors aged less than 16 who sign up for the race, their custodians or legal representatives must sign up for the same event and accompany the participants all the time; otherwise, the participants cannot collect race kits or pass the roll-call  to participate in the race.

3. The chips, number bib and wristband of participants shall only be personally collected by the participants themselves. The participants must bring along with them the originals of their effective ID cards to receive the articles. On the site of collection, the participants shall be verified in comparison with their certificates. In case of any mismatching, the Organizing Committee will have the right to refuse to distribute kits of race to them. No on-site collection will be set on the morning of the race day. The participants must arrive at the designated place to collect race kits within the designated period. 

4. The clothing size information of participants will not be collected at the time of application. The participants shall select the clothing of the corresponding sizes as needed on the collection site. If participants would like to change the tee due to personal reasons, the unopened package can be replaced while the opened package cannot be replaced.