Participation Note 参赛须知

2019年12月05日 52

I hereby do declare that I volunteered for 2020 Beverly Wuxi Marathon (hereinafter called as the "Event" for short). I've known of the possible risks and the ones caused by the Event itself, including but not limited to: the risks causing death, disability, injury, loss of property, damage to property, and failure to obtain timely medical assistance and other ones resulting from the negligence of other staff. I'm willing to bear the risk my own accident during the race, and agree that the Organizing Committee shall not liable for any kind of compensation or liabilities for any injury, death or other loss caused by reasons other than the organizing committee. I'm physically adequate for the Event. I will quit the Event due to sickness or injuries ahead of or midway through the race. I have known that I needed to learn and understand the hazards caused by dehydration and low blood sodium, and I would take precautions to prevent them for happening.


Being injured midway through the race, I'm willing to accept the medical care and emergency evacuation offered by the Organizing Committee during the Event, and take the medical expenses the insurance coverage of the Event. If I suffer from heatstroke, hypothermia, altitude stress and other symptoms during the race, the Organizing Committee has the right to force me to quit the Event considering the serious or life-threatening and I must obey the decision made by the committee.

The Organizing Committee and other coordinators shall be exempted from the responsibility where they have duly played their part and I'm willing to take all risks, and waive all of my rights for the claims for death, personal injuries or damage to property, including but not limited to: medical expenses, lost wages, mental damage, economic loss, emotional distress, attorney’s fee and costs, which are likely to affect me during the event or afterwards. Despite the conditions mentioned in the Statement raising during the race not resulting from my negligence or the risks or losses in property or personal belongings by the negligence of other staff or institutions, they shall be exempted from responsibilities due to their negligence. The Organizing Committee shall not deny any liability that shall not be denied legally.


I agree to allow the Organizing Committee and its licensors to use my name, photo, image, voice, portrait or any other media forms in the respective  promotional activities of the global and the event organizing company. I also waive my right to compensation for any publicity I may have in this Event. I agree the Organizing Committee and third-party suppliers, on the premise of using my information only for legitimate commercial purposes related to the Event, can provide my name and email to such training camp coaches, photographers, insurance companies and third-party suppliers of the Event.


I agree any possible delay or cancellation of the Event caused by weather, emergencies or public safety problems. The Organizing Committee will not refund the registration fee due to the delay and cancellation of the Event.


My race duration is from my entering the race course to my leaving the race course (including but not limited to leaving the course midway through the race, quitting the race and finishing the race). Any personal or property damage caused by accidents at other places or times shall not be borne by the organizing committee but by myself.


I do agree any terms and conditions in this statement of the Event to be ruled invalid or illegal in any respect for any reason whatsoever will not affect its other terms, which are still fully effective.


I do agree to provide the Organizing Committee with my valid ID card and data to verify my identity and I guarantee that above data are true, lawful and valid. I agree to bear all legal liabilities arising from untrue ID card, data and signature.


I have read this statement. I do agree to this statement and sign it at my own will and it is also binding on my successor, assigns and legal representatives.


I have read the statement and agree all terms and conditions. I do agree the Organizing Committee take the statement agreed by myself as the materials for my participation in this Event. If I do not agree with the terms of this statement, I will not be accessible to this Event and will be liable for any losses thereby.